About Us

Who Are We?

As a young company, we have been specialized in men's underwear since 2010. By knowing that humidity and temperature may affect man’s reproductive health, we came up with an idea of designing and producing a better underwear which can well-fitted for men's part with the healthy choice. Throughout 10 years of continuous upgrade and improvement, we finally get the ideal product, and that is Separatec dual pouch underwear.

One as a support pouch provides independent lift for men's scrotum, while the other pouch gives enough space for penis. The separated idea also can keep your buddy stay in cool and dry.

The design has been patented in both United States and Europe which becomes more and more popular among our worldwide clients.


Technology and Fabric

Separatec Dual-pouch Technology

All Separatec underwear are equipped with the dual-pouch technology, and each part of your anatomy has its own space which eliminates friction and keeps cool and fresh.   

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Osmohive ™ technology

The Osmohive ™ series is accompanied with single-way transport technique. Moisture-wicking fabric with beehive structure absorbs water speedily and accelerates air circulation and evaporation, keeping your man’s part clean and dry for all day long.                                                                  

Everyday Series

Seven bright and dark colors as a set implicates that it takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. Everyday is a brand-new day, empowering men to maintain their confidence and purse a better life bravely. A creative gift with a wish for yourself or him.

Functional Fabric


With the different performance, Separatec underwears are made of distinctive fabric, such as supima cotton, micromodel, nylon and so on. All of them remain a soft and comfortable texture.